Jun Fukuyama “OWL” – Final details unveiled

Credits: Pony Canyon

Jun Fukuyama is set to make his comeback during this summer with his first full length album, “OWL“. With only one month left until its release, Pony Canyon decided to unveiled the remaining details about this release, including new promotional photo, cover art and music video snippet.

More on this below.

OWL” is scheduled to be released on 21/06/2017, available in three editions: regular, limited and a special Kyonime version (this one only sold in Japan).

The cover art for each edition is the following:

Regular edition

Limited edition

Kyoani edition

This album will also contain a mix of music with narration (featuring Takahiro Sakurai). On another note: fellow seiyuu Showtaro Morikubo wrote the lyrics to “TORPEDO” and Fukuyama‘s previous single “KEEP GOING ON!” made the cut and is featured on this album. The  complete tracklist is the following:

03.多弁な曲紹介 [NARRATION]
05.取材  [NARRATION]
07.Go Ahead
08.ランプジェンガ Remix ver(仮)
09.Love Letters~月の下より [NARRATION]
11.多弁な曲紹介ふたたび [NARRATION]
13.折れてます [NARRATION]

A short version of the title track’s music video is already available on Pony Canyon‘s official youtube channel.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD +  Original booklet
  • Limited: CD + DVD (music video and making of) + Special digipack + 32 page photo booklet
  • Kyoani: CD + DVD  (music video, making of & behind the scenes) + JUN JUN MAN Special Card +  Special digipack + 32 page photo booklet

OWL” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

OWL / Jun Fukuyama
Jun Fukuyama

SOURCE: Jun Fukuyama music official website


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