THTFHQ 1st Readers review – We want your feedback!

The time has come for you to review our website!

After working non-stop for over 6 years on and for this website, we feel like it’s time for our readers to give us input in order to keep our website interesting and appealing to all of you.

This survey will cover almost everything we have featured on this website. Features, website optimization and everything in between are covered.

We’d like you to take part on this survey – it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete (please submit your answers!) – so that we can further improve our website. We’ve got a lot of things on hold we’d like to try in the future and your opinion will count towards developing them or not.

This survey will be open for a whole month. We hope everyone can take part in this. Please share this – on facebook, twitter, tumblr and other social media – we need as many people as possible so that we can have a clear idea of what we need to improve.


On behalf of the THTFHQ team, thanks in advance for your participation,

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Midorin


Tell us what you think about it

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