the GazettE “TRACES vol.2” (Review)


the gazettE have released a best of album to celebrate their 15th anniversary. With this being said, the band has compiled 10 of their most known tracks, namely reila and Pledge, just to name a few, as well as having created 2 new tracks, which leave us excited to listen to them. This is their first release since the Dark Age Project, which lasted the whole year of 2016. the gazettE’s last best of album was released in 2011.

So without any further ado, let’s get this review started.

Just a little heads up, we’ll only be reviewing the new tracks featured in this best of album.

More details regarding the album.

Limited edition
Title: TRACES vol.2
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Date of release: 08/03/17
Genre: Visual-kei/heavy-metal


体温 (limited edition only)
絲 (曲順未定) (limited edition only)

Track by track analysis:

1- 枯詩

With a mix between the stings and the toned-down the gazettE‘s instrumental we have 枯詩. In this track Ruki appear to be singing as he did for reila or 紅蓮, which makes up for a great throwback in time. The majority of the fans will think that this is what we have been craving from the band, a track in which the speed and heaviness are not the only things that are given importance, instead the melodic and slow paced instrumental really brings out each member’s real and full potential, making it impossible to ignore or to turn a blind eye to. This track’s instrumental really is a throwback in time, it seems like the gazettE from 15 years ago have returned, especially since their instrumental really makes one remember 幸せな日々 and 「Kore de Yokattan desu・・・」. 5/5

11- 体温

体温 does not have an extremely elaborated instrumental piece, instead its focus is on the guitar which has quite some time to shine throughout the track. By giving off a totally different vibe from the band’s last releases, in fact the overall instrumental is more toned down, and Ruki’s vocal performance is not exaggerated as it was before. This time around we can really compare this track with some old one’s from the band. Even though the instrumental is simple and slow paced, while not having any loud performance from Reita’s bass or Kai’s drums,  yet it manages to be refreshing which is a good thing. This track just comes to prove that despite the fact that nothing too crazy goes on , this track is an amazing one. One that some of the fans have been waiting after the Dark Age Project releases. One thing we cannot forget to mention in regards to this tracks is that we finally have Uruha and Aoi’s guitar solos, something that had been lacking in the previous songs. Although we have an outro a little heavier than the rest of the track, it is not at all too much which is a win-win for us. 5/5

Final rating:

This best of from the gazettE has ten tracks that were remastered especially for this occasion, and even thought they’re new editions of the already known tracks we only review the two new songs in the album, and we must say that we were pleasantly surprised, especially since the band’s last releases were really more like a “hit-or-miss” than anything, so the expectations for this one might not have been the highest, but the good thing is that the band managed to change our opinion.

Both 枯詩 and 体温 are tracks that have a lot of good aspects that we could dwell on but instead we prefer to make it short for you. These two tracks are a must listen for every the gazettE’s fan that follows the band since their debut or even for those of you that have been their fans for some time now. This two tracks not only show a toned-down, not overwhelming version of the band, in a good sense. At the same time we get to listen to the tracks and really notice each member’s improvement throughout the years, especially in the remastered versions, but in the new tracks as well. Although they sound like the the gazettE from 15 years ago, their “sound” is really improved.

TRACES vol.2 is already available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.
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Author: Nadine Silva

Reviewer and News editor at The Hand That Feeds HQ since 2012. Based in Portugal. Translation graduate. Hobbyist piano player.