GACKT – Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Review)

Gackt has returned with another single featured as the ending theme in the currently airing anime Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori. His previous release was  キミだけのボクでいるから (Kimi dake no Boku de Iru kara). Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

More details regarding the single:

Regular edition
Regular edition
Title: Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~ 
Label: Nippon Crown
Release Date: 22/03/17
Genre: J-rock


1 Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~

Track by track analysis:

1- Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~

This track has a rather dark instrumental piece, which can only be achieve with the pads at in intro. What we can listen to in this track is your typical and trademark guitar from Gackt with a little bit of new elements added on to the instrumental piece such as the strings that’ll make the path for the drums and Gackt’s voice to come into play. If you enjoyed EVER’s drum performance than you’ll certainly be crazier about this track’s. Although speedy drums can sometimes be a little too repetitive or simply draw all of the attention to them instead of the rest of the instruments, the one in this track is far from doing that in fact it creates the bridge between all of the different elements. The strings are also a elements that we’re used to listen to in Gackt’s songs, even so in this particular track we must say that they really made the whole instrumental piece a even more grandiose. 5/5

Final rating:5 stars

This single is indeed a blast from the past, almost as if we brought Gackt’s sound that we’re so used to listen to and combined with a upgraded version of himself resulting in Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~. As the majority of his fans, we have nothing to complain about regarding this single. Nonetheless we have to mention that in comparison to his previous releases, Gackt has decided on his own accord to incorporate some of his trademark elements, such as that guitar riff we can listen to in the intro of Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~, or his falsetto which in fact never fails to amaze us; even so we noticed that he decided to incoporate the strings in a different manner that he has used to do in the past. As a veteran in the industry, Gackt knows what he’s doing and the aftermath was simple grandiosity.

We have high hopes for his next release and also look forward to see if he’ll continue to go for a more conventional and Gackt-like “sound” or if he’ll choose to do something entirely unseen.

Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~ is already available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Author: Nadine Silva

Reviewer and News editor at The Hand That Feeds HQ since 2012. Based in Portugal. Translation graduate. Hobbyist piano player.