Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star has finished airing a couple of weeks ago. After reviewing the final songs from QUARTET NIGHT and HEAVENS is time for us to take a closer look at STARISH‘s take on the final song “WE ARE ST☆RISH!!“.


Release date: 20/01/2017
Label: King Records
Genre: J-Pop



Track analysis:


Many people were actually expecting that the dreading and cheesy “Legend Star” would be the final song. Usually when the song tends to play as the ending theme for Utapri‘s seasons, it’s because it’ll be final song performed by STARISH. This time around it wasn’t the case. Thankfully it is an outro song. Instead we were surprised with “WE ARE ST☆RISH!!“, a sweet pop tune that sort of winks at “Mirai Chizu” (although it’ll be hard to top that quality piece) and “Maji LOVE 1000%“. With a beautiful acappella intro, this song slowly progresses into a bright tune led by the piano and strings, with the chorus having a similar construction to their first group song. The track actually lends some elements from “Welcome to Uta Pri World” – which is sort of an Easter egg for the fans of the franchise. Vocally there’s no doubt that the performance was owned by Miyano Mamoru and Kishow. Their solo parts were beyond dazzling and even as a group they stood out.

This song is certainly of higher quality in comparison with “Fumetsu no inferno” from HEAVENS (that packed a lot of punch with its instrumental but had a bland vocal performance) but fails to be as good as “God’s S.T.A.R.” is. Of course this is only if we compare with this season’s songs. If we take a look back to STARISH‘s previous final songs we need to at least rank this one on top 3, being more than obvious that this song is a clear improvement in comparison with last season’s appaling performance.

Final rating: 4.5 stars

This single was only made available digitally.


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