Syrup are set to return with a new single in December


SYRUP is back with a new single before the end of the year.  Rejet has some of the details regarding this new release already in the open.

The new single is titled “KIRAKIRA CIDER HOLIC” and is scheduled to be released on 28/12/2016, available in three editions: Syrup, Mashiro and Yashiro.

The cover art is the following:

Syrup version

Syrup version

Mashiro version

Mashiro version

Yashiro version

Yashiro version

The tracklist is the following:

03. ミニドラマ「Magical Mystery Tour」

All tracks have snippets already available on the official website – HERE.

KIRAKIRA CIDER HOLIC” is already available for pre-order on Skitdolce’s store (Japanese residents only or proxy users).

SOURCE: Forbidden Star official website


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