Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Want your favorite seiyuu to sing the opening song?

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It seems like Tokyo 2020 Olympics are still far away but Japan is already setting up everything. While their cities are already shifting for a english-ready mindset and other things are being improved, for us, seiyuu fans, it’s the opening ceremony that is the most important.

[UPDATED – Information corrected]

While this might not be an official poll, its main focus is to urge the fans to vote as a means to up the chances of them being nominated to perform in the opening cerimony.

The competition is fierce with over 100 names nominated to sing the opening song but when browsing the names people will find some familiar names.

Mamoru Miyano, Shouta Aoi, Kenichi Suzumura, Kamiya Hiroshi, Daisuke Ono, even Kamiya Hiroshi + Daisuke Ono duo,  ST☆RISH, Kiramune Allstars, GRANRODEO and OLDCODEX are among the nominess in a surprising nomination. But as we know, chances are that these seiyuu will fail to reach #1 most voted because they’re up against One Ok Rock, Gackt, Babymetal, T.M.Revolution, Kat-Tun, UVERworld, Versailles, the gazettE and many other high rollers in the business.

Still, if fans are willing to help out and gather to have one of the seiyuu nominated to sing the opening song, it not only would be a great honor for them but it will also be a trailblazing opportunity that would put that seiyuu and the whole seiyuu community in another level.

How to vote?

(click on the images to get a bet understanding of our step-by-step tutorial)

1st method – Popular Japanese artists within Japan (this was initially aimed at people living in Japan but fans around the world started to vote on this one – some artists are missing)

1 – Check the official webpage – HERE


2 – Look for the nominated (the list is quite long so we’ll underline the seiyuu representatives out there):

2 3 4

3 – After selecting the favorite from this long list click on the right lower corner


4 – It’ll redirect you to a different page but it mean that your vote counted.

2nd method (For foreigners ONLY)

1 – Open the page – HERE 


2 – Some artists from the Japanese page are not here

2222 3333

3 – After selecting your favorite click on the highlighted right corner of poll.


4 – It will redirect you to another page but that only means that your vote counted.


Now that you got to know how to vote and who is nominated it’s time to gather your seiyuu fanpages and fanbases and mass vote on them for a chance to be nominated to perform in the opening cerimony at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Don’t forget!

  • You can vote once a day in only one artist!

Thanks to Arris Soarren for point out the corrections!


8 responses to “Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Want your favorite seiyuu to sing the opening song?

  1. Hi, once again I urge you to make corrections to your article to avoid misleading fans. That blog post you’re referring to as ‘official’, I can be rather sure it has nothing to do with the official Tokyo Olympic Committee.

    The following is said on the site:
    (First line says the articles and the site are created for personal fun;; )

    And the article in question has this:
    (basically the post is an appeal – it wants to show how much the public wants which artists to perform in the ceremony, and to increase their chances of getting picked)

    While it is great to have more people join the poll and maybe really get the chances up for any seiyuu to perform, or actually get nominated, I think it is also important to get the facts straight – that this is no official poll…. Well, if you say facts are not important to your site, then.. ok ^^;;


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