Wonder Corona! “Samajera” (Review)


Wonder Corona! are back with yet another release to add to their solid debut. The unit brings サマジェラ (Samajera or simply Summer Jealousy), a single that has upded their ante considerably.

Wonder Corona edition
Single: サマジェラ (Summer Jealousy)
Label: Rejet/Pitagoras
Release date: 13/07/2016
Genre: J-Pop


01 サマジェラ
03 サマジェラ -off vocal-
04 HANABI -off vocal-
05 ミニドラマ「ピタゴラスアイドルの休日 ~WONDER CORONA!編~」 [MINI DRAMA]

Track by track analysis:

01 サマジェラ

Celebrating Summer “Samajera” (Summer Jealousy) is the new track in town. The trio tackle what is one of their best tracks to date. Resorting to a mix between synths and electric guitars, the instrumental piece is actually exciting without being overwhelming or annoying. With a powerful chorus and mild, tension building verses, “Samajera” won us over with its chorus. The vocal performance on that specific part left us with out mouth wide open. Although all members are active in their respective units we were surprised with Okawa‘s improvements. What improvements? If you take your time to listen to this song and pay enough attention to his parts, he’s sounding completely different from his usual singing tone, he’s more melodic, less nasal and lending a bit of roughness to the chorus – things we don’t listen when he’s performing with Lagrange Point. Adding Okawa‘s brand new, improved vocals to Aoi‘s stellar melodic, groovy vocals and Masuda‘s ever improving ones and mixing it with the pop-rock, fresh and exciting instrumental, and you get this catchy song. 5/5


Despite the strong dance pop driven intro, “Hanabi” still has a major presence of guitars, being the acoustic ones in the intro or the electric ones in the chorus, providing more depth to the background. The mix between synths and acoustic guitars turned out to be surprising soothing and with the steady, melodic vocals, it grabbed our attention. In comparison with “Samajera“, the chorus is a bit milder, putting the synths on the front seat for what is a bright, fun song. As a whole this track fails to outshine the title track but was still a solid track. 4/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

Sounding way better than on their debut, Wonder Corona! delivered us a laidback, fresh single in which we’re presented with top quality vocal performances and instrumentals to match.

Starting with the exciting “Samajera“, a strong title track, that left us more than impressed with the lines distribution, melodies and the powerfully exciting chorus, jumping to “HANABI“, a mid-tempo synth pop track that, with the help of the acoustic guitar, shines a lot, but not enough to overshine the title track, this single has everything to be considered a successful release.

Vocally Aoi, Okawa and Masuda improved a lot but Okawa is barely recognizable. His singing quirks are nowhere to be found right now, but it doesn’t mean that he’s sounding awful or anything of the sort, on the contrary. He’s sounding so polished, so melodic, hitting a lower scale, not forcing tones or entonations. From what we’ve heard on this single we can only expect Lagrange Point‘s next release to be mind blowing vocally.

Samajera” puts Wonder Corona! right behind the powerhouse Nebulas. Solid release and the best coming from this unit right now.

Samajera” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


Author: midorin

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