Wonder Corona! 2nd single – Details unveiled

wonder corona

Wonder Corona! is back with another single, the follow up to April’s “ビバ★ラッ★チュ” (Viva la chu).

サマジェラ” (Summer Jealousy) is scheduled to be released on 13/07/2016, available in three editions: Wonder Corona!, Atom & Kira and Kira & Tsubasa.

The cover art for all editions is the following:


Wonder Corona edition


Tsubasa & Kira edition


Kira & Atom edition

The tracklist is the following:
01 サマジェラ
03 サマジェラ -off vocal-
04 HANABI -off vocal-
05 ミニドラマ「ピタゴラスアイドルの休日 ~WONDER CORONA!編~」 [MINI DRAMA]

More details will be unveiled in the following weeks.


Pre-orders are already open on SkitDolce and Amazon japan.

 SOURCE: Rejet’s official blog


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