the GazettE – UNDYING (Review)


Delivering the best in the last movement of the Dark Age project, the gazettE are once again back in the game. After DOGMA and UGLY, two slightly disappointing releases marked by overcrowded instrumentals almost making the lyrics imperceptable to a more distracted listener and different instrumental structures, now have UNDYING that not only is easy to listen but it is not exxagerated. So without any further ado let’s get this review started.

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Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Date of release: 27/04/16
Genre: Visual-kei/heavy-metal



Track by track analysis:


Going in the same direction as NIHIL in DOGMA, at least at the very begining, UNDYING irradiates a peculiar instrumental that quickly changes into a heavy intro lead by Ruki’s screamo, the drums and guitars and let’s not forget to mention Reita’s amazing and on-point bass performance. Although this tracks has some screamo, we can actually listen to it without it being overbearingly overcrowded like in previous releases, namely in DOGMA. The outro has a beautiful piano and strings, something the fans might have missed from the band, especially since the recent releases have relied on heavy instrumentals discarding the use of the piano. The solo although short is good. The constant zither playing in the background works as a reminder to the listener that this is the last movement of the Dark Age project. 4.5/5


Kicking it the hard way since the begining we have yet another powerful track. If on one side we had UNDYING with a more acessible intro, on the other MALUM takes a little pacience to really listen to it, since what comes next is an instrumental worth looking forward to, so don’t give up half-way. Something that in recent tracks we have not got the chance to listen was Reita’s  bass mini-solos, that for some might make one reminisce about the gazettE‘s previous tracks, in this sense one might remember some tracks from Beautiful Deformity. 4/5


Reaching the ending track of this single, we have VACANT. The main focus is on the guitar riffs and the medium tempo drums performance that make this track the best of the single. Ruki’s high pitched notes are something to look forward to, since it’s been quite some time since the fans last listened to it well. The guitar solos are melodic but at the same time have enough “heaviness” for them not to seem out of place. VACANT is a heavy but not speedy track. 5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

UNDYING is the best release in the Dark Age project and this way the band finishes the last movement in a spotlighted fashion, grabbing the attention of the fans that might have been disappointed with the previous releases.

UNDYING is one of the best tracks in this single, even though it has a intro that is a little similar with the exaggerated tracks from DOGMA, which is not a good thing, but despite that the after intro part in the track is pretty good and enables the fans to remember why they liked the band, the good instrumental pieces and Ruki’s mind-blowing vocal performance, be it for his high or low pitched notes while singing.

MALUM is certainly a track that, if taken the wrong direction, could have being a major fail, however that didn’t happen. Although it has a slightly more difficult instrumental to listen to, solely in some parts, it really makes one remember the album Beautiful Deformity, one of the most recent released by the band. Under other circumstances one would think that as a bad thing but in this case it is a sign of improvement since the gazettE seemed to be struggling to make something so new and unique that they ended up making a mess out of most tracks.

VACANT is a track different from anything ever done by the band, especially the instrumental piece. Here’s one good example about one not needing to have a speedy track or a extremely heavy tracks, instrumental wise, for the track to be good. VACANT is without a doubt the best track in the single and it really is deserved. Not only the instrumental is unique but it isn’t nor overcrowded nor exaggerated.

Now seen in another light, the band delivered us a single with which we could ascertain their return to the roots, in a positive way and hope that the gazetE‘s new project takes a good direction.

UNDYING” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Author: Nadine Silva

Reviewer and News editor at The Hand That Feeds HQ since 2012. Based in Portugal. Translation graduate. Hobbyist piano player.