Soichiro Hoshi to release special live mini-album


Soichiro Hoshi is going to release a special mini-album next month. The veteran seiyuu is making his first release in two years, although not on a large scale. This is set to be a limited release.

More details about Hoshi’s new release below. 

Titled “StarRing PARTY☆“, this special live CD will only be available for those who attend “SOICHIRO HOSHI 2nd LIVE “StarRing PARTY☆” in May.

The cover art is the following:


The tracklist is the following:
01 ストレインジャー 
02 StarRingアドベンチャー☆ 
03 白翼のデュアレクス 
04 希望の花 ~Acoustic Ver.〜
 More details on Hoshi’s official twitter profile.


SOURCE: Shoichiro Hoshi official twitter account


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