Unicorn Jr. “F.A.” – Postponed and new details unveiled


Unicorn Jr.’s new single has been postponed to March – no one knows why since it was initially scheduled to be released in early January. Either way, Rejet has updated some details regarding the rookies 3rd release.

F.A” is scheduled to be released on 13/03/2016, available in three editions: Unicorn Jr., Tsubasa and Teruma, Alto and Teruma.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

Unicorn Jr. cover

Unicorn Jr. cover


Alto and Teruma cover


Tsubasa and Teruma cover

The tracklist is the following:

1 - F.A
2 - Unlimited Saga
3 - in my youth
4 - ヒトカケラ

All the snippets are available on Pitagoras Production official website.

Pre-orders are still closed on CDJAPAN but Skitdolce (Japan only) and Amazon.JP already have the single in stock. As soon as pre-orders open on CDAJAPAN we’ll update this news.

SOURCE: Pitagoras Production official website


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