GACKT “Last Moon” – Details unveiled


After the long and never-ending wait for a new album, GACKT finally broke the silence and announced his newest release Last Moon. For those who might have forgotten or did not know his last album Diabolos was released 7 years ago, so we can say for sure that the fans are more than eager to listen to this new work in which he’s been working on for this long time.

On the other hand we cannot forget that GACKT was not completely inactive, throughout the years he released a considerable number of singles, some of them being: Jesus, Ghost, Redemption, Ever, HakuroSetsugekka -The End Of Silence-, P.S I Love U and his most recent one was ARROW.

At the moment we already now that Last Moon will be available in two editions, regular and limited (CD+ DVD), and that it is scheduled to be released on 27/04/16.

Currently we only know the limited edition’s cover-art.

last moon

Regarding the tracklist and the cover-art for the regular edition, we’ll most likely have to wait for a closer date to release.

Last Moon is already available for pre-order for all overseas fans on CDJAPAN.

Last Moon / GACKT

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