Seiyuu Digest #14 – D.A.T


One of the most electrifying seiyuu units in the music business graces us in this end of the year Seiyuu Digest.

With powerful dance beats, addictive pop lyrics and slick dance moves, D.A.T managed to impress right from their debut in 2012 being featured in our TOP 20 Best seiyuu units at #6.

Let’s kick off this Seiyuu Digest!




MEMBERS Daisuke Ono, Takayuki Kondo  
FOUNDED IN 日本の旗Tokyo, Japan  
LABEL Marine Entertainment  
DEBUT 2012  
GENRE Pop, Dance, Ballad



Before debuting as D.A.T, Daisuke Ono and Takuyuki Kondo were already known as the polivalent and comedic duo behind the hosting of popular radio show “Dragon & Tiger – Yume Bouken radio” (Dragon & Tiger adventure dreams), show airing on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting every week.

The main point behind the show lies in achieving “the dream” through various situations and games in what is one of the highlights in Japanese radio. The unit formed because of this radio show – starting to score both the opening and ending themes for the show and further developing a strong image and sound.

As members of “Project DABA“, Kondo and Ono already had the chemistry and charisma needed to embark in this new adventure.

And that’s when we reach 2012 for their big debut.

2012 – DEBUT “The VS era”


Debuting with a strong dancefloor driven concept, D.A.T made their way in the midst of an already packed music genre – especially when it comes to seiyuu making their solo debuts – and really presented an explosive performance and song that made everyone stand in awe. Fans weren’t exactly expecting a dance group coming from these two seiyuu – especially when we take into account that Kondo‘s voice is well suited for ballads or rock songs and would be a weird choice for a dance group.

Turns out that Marine Entertainment – home for Black Velvet and ELEKITER ROUND 0 – was willing to try a new concept and this duo was the best one to pull it off – for those who don’t know or don’t recall, Ono is well known for his playful dance tracks as a solo artist and, beside the obvious second hand embarrassement, he still manages to pull those off professionally.


The unit made their debut on 2012’s Marine Wave Super Live festival that counted with their Marine Entertainment label mates – M.O.E, Black Velvet and ELEKITER ROUND 0.

@ Marine Entertainment Live 2012

@ Marine Super Wave Live 2012 (MSWL)

Their debut single “VS” impressed with both its strong instrumental but also with the extremely energetic and technical choreography that the duo performed flawlessly – although with some minor setbacks live because of the micro assignments constantly failing to work at 100%. Even so and with a blend of two rich mid-toned voices, Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo sound on top of their game be it singing rap parts on “VS” or the highest notes available like in “SWEET NEST”.

2014 – The long awaited royal comeback


We reached late 2013 and silence was broken: D.A.T were going to make their comeback in 2014, in what is quite possibly their fiercest and classiest comeback ever.

Dressed in a royal fashion and with classy looks to go along with it, D.A.T surprised everyone with their addictive “NOCTURNE -drastic dance-“. Both music and dance once again stood out and managed to impress everyone. The beat-synced dance made their polished looks and improved sound reach new heights. In our review of the single we could help but to notice how addictive the music and choreo were:

(…) Daisuke Ono seems to absorb the dance routines so fast and makes those moves sound so fluid and smooth, that at times we at the THTF HQ’s noticed that everyone just automatically started to follow OnoD’s moves, not caring about the music or even about Takayuki’s amazing performance (…)

@Marine Entertainment Live 2013

@Marine Super Wave Live 2014 (MSWL)

The duo started to establish themselves as the name to go when you need a power dance track with strong choreos and steady vocals. In 2014 few seiyuu units were doing better than them and sounding as good as them. 18th century nobles on the dancefloor? A brand new thing in the seiyuu business that was pulled off nicely.

2014 – The third single announcement that failed to be released timely

Dragon & Tiger – Yume Bouken” radio was high in popularity in 2014 among a never ending list of radio shows airing on Friday night. Both Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo were with their schedules filled with work and the time left to complete the recordings for their 3rd single were not progressing as smooth as they wanted.

Announced on Marine Super Wave Live 2014 (MSWL) show in 2014, the 3rd single was continuously being delayed to a later date and things dragged, much to the fans displeasure, until 2015, year in which their long awaited new singleCHANGE THE WORLD” was released.

2015 – CHANGE THE WORLD – A new sound


2015 was time to officially release the single that was already well known among fans – due to its premiere on Marine Super Wave Live or even because it was already featured as the opening for their radio show.

CHANGE THE WORLD” put the fancy clothes and addictive beats aside only to be replaced with leather jackets, slick hair and a rock sound to go along with it.

dat 15

Change the World mv

It was the first time D.A.T were approaching the rock genre in such a bold way. The track was the complete opposite of anything they’ve had done before but it still managed to make an impression. “CHANGE THE WORLD” as a single was pure inovation for the unit.

With new colors and sound as well as trying new things for the sake of setting their own sound aside from other seiyuu units, D.A.T were showing good signs of further improvements.

“In one year the visuals changed, the approach to the unit as a whole also changed and the biggest change of them all is their music genre.” (in D.A.T “Change The World” review)

Embracing rock with stronger and faster beats and also diving into hip-hop and delivering an astonishing oldschool “Hakai souzou“, D.A.T really set the bar high not only for future releases, but also for their career as a unit.

dat 2015

Change the World mv

Unmatched in diversity and adaptability, D.A.T show us that seiyuu units don’t need to stick to mainstream genres (pop and dance) and concepts in order to deliver something unexpected and of high quality that will excite their fans. Originality and freshness are the main points in one of the most interesting seiyuu units out there.

  Date  Single title
1ST 21/12/2012 VS
2ND 23/04/2013 NOCTURNE –Drastic Dance
3RD 22/04/2015 Change the World

And with this we conclude yet another Seiyuu digest! Make sure to comeback for the next Digest to be released in mid December.


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