MIKOTO set to make his comeback in 2016

© 2014 5pb.

© 2014 5pb.

MIKOTO (Marginal#4, Diabolik Lovers) has officially announced that he’s making his comeback in 2016. The anticipation for the follow up to 2014’s “Accepted Blood” is high, especially since the short version of the main single is already available on Youtube.

For the past few months MIKOTO has been working on several Rejet and Red Entertainment projects. Between the lines there was a comeback in the works. The announcement was made yesterday on Twitter and Facebook.

Although the official announcement didn’t manage to deliver a set date for the single’s release, we already have the confirmation that this comeback will take place in 2016.

The new single will be featured as the opening and ending themes for otome game 百花百狼 〜戦国忍法帖〜 (Hyaku hana hyaku ōkami 〜 sengoku ninpō jō 〜), set to be released in 2016 as well.


The preview of the opening theme 『月下の唄は影よりも黒く』is already available in the game’s snippet video:

Pre-orders for this single are still closed. As soon as more details are unveiled we’ll provide them. Until then be on the lookout for more info in these next few months.

SOURCE: MIKOTO official facebook page


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