Gackt “ARROW” – Final details revealed


The famous and all-rounder entertainer Gackt makes his first appearance this year. His last release was last year with 暁月夜-DAY BREAKERS, a single that was a little bit more on the ballads side, but it wasn’t something unexpected from Gackt since he’s already released numerous singles like this before taking the example of Hakuro and they were a sucess. His huge repertoire gets even bigger with his 46th single. So let’s get in to the details.

We already know that 『ARROW』 is scheduled to be released on 17/10/15  and that’ll be available in two editions:

  • Regular
  • Limited edition- CD+DVD

The cover-art was already revealed:

Regular Edition

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Only the tracklist is yet to be unveiled.

『ARROW』 is already available for pre-order for all overseas fans on CDJAPAN.


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