MIKOTO is back in the studio

© 2014 5pb.

© 2014 5pb.

MIKOTO (Marginal#4, Diabolik Lovers) is back in the studio to work in what so far is rumored to be the follow up to last year’s critically aclaimed “Accepted Blood“.

The lead music arranger/composer for Rejet is rumored to be working on his solo project for the first time this year. Besides all the workload that Rejet imposes on him with Lagrange Point, Marginal #4 and Unicorn Jr.‘s releases, as well as the character songs for the Diabolik Lovers franchise, the rocker is back in the studio working on his project.

MIKOTO‘s official facebook page was updated by his staff today with news that MIKOTO himself is incredibly satisfied with what he’s working on, plus the recording sessions are going by smoothly.

Credits: MIKOTO-Ryosuke @ Facebook

Credits: MIKOTO-Ryosuke @ Facebook

MIKOTO is scheduled to perform next week on TUDOU FESTIVAL 2015 (in Shanghai, China) and next will be back in Japan to perform at Rejet‘s festival 「Rejet Presents GIRLS♡LIVE 2015 LOVE GEYSER」 in September.

More news regarding this topic will be updated as soon as more information is disclosed.

SOURCE: MIKOTO official facebook page


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