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Not letting the fans wait to long, SPYAIR present us with a new single, this time FIRE STARTER will be featured as the main theme song for the tv drama The Last Cop. With this single let’s hope that the band shows us something new, unlike the other releases that have failed to surprise us. Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

This single is available in two editions: regular and limited.

Regular and Limited Editions
Regular and Limited Editions
Label: Sony Music Japan
Release date: 22/07/15
Genre: J-rock


ファイアスターター (FIRE STARTER)

Track by track analysis:

1- ファイアスターター (FIRE STARTER)

Kicking off this single we have ファイアスターター, a track that has a powerful intro with an amazing drum work as well as guitar performance. The bass is also something that we need to take some time to appreciate, to surprise us, in this track is that beside Ike‘s vocal work, we also have Uz (the guitarist) singing in the pre-chorus which was, in a good way, an awesome surprise that fitted well in the music. The chorus maintains the momentum that was created since the beginning of the track, and it is precisely in it that we have all the elements that I mentioned before creating the SPYAIR‘s usual instrumental. The guitar solo is quick but still good, it’s just a shame that is wasn’t a little longer. Even thought this track is good, it isn’t any different from the usual of this band, so it was a little disappointing 4/5


JUST LIKE THIS is an old song by the band that was remastered in this single. Kicking off with a melodic guitar and strings, we have a good stage set for us. Although this song is a little slow to actually start, JUST LIKE THIS is, definitely a good track, the instrumental is not only refreshing, but it also has some good elements, like the strings in the chorus that really make this song an amazing one, and the best in the single, so we can say for sure that we end the single with the right foot. 4.5/

Final rating:4 stars

This single was really disappointing to those off you who were expecting something new from SPYAIR, not also did they “recycle” an old song, that was actually the best in this single, but they also didn’t try to incorporate anything new to their “sound” which is a sign of they’re break in trying something new. FIRE STARTER was a good song that had it all to be the best track i this single, but from the moment that it sounded just like any other track by the band, it was all for naught. It is understandable if the band thinks that they like the current “sound” that they have, but it is also beneficial for them to, here and there, incorporated new things. All in all this single was a miss, but we can always wait for their next release to see if they can prove us wrong.

FIRE STARTER is already available for pre-order on CDJAPAN.

Author: Nadine Silva

Reviewer and News editor at The Hand That Feeds HQ since 2012. Based in Portugal. Translation graduate. Hobbyist piano player.