OLDCODEX new live DVD “Capture” to be released this Summer

OCD cover

OLDCODEX are back, not with a new music announcement, but with a new live DVD to grace their fans.

Titled OLDCODEX “Capture” 2015 in Budokan, this is the band’s 4th live DVD release and the first one this year. “Capture” features OLDCODEX‘s Japan tour in one of the most iconic venues in Japan, the Budokan.

The live DVD is set to be released on 26/08/2015.

With a tracklist full of hits and an overall impressive repertoire, ranging from the old-school “Hidemind” and “Elephant over” to the more commercial hits “WALK” and “Rage on“, OLDCODEX present their fans with a total of 25 electrifying tracks. The tracklist is the following:

Disc 1
2.Now I am
6.Steal Mine
7.Dried Up Youthful Fame
9.sad day in the sunlight
11.How Affection
12.Elephant over
14.Massive Act
15.mono frontier
16.Meteor Train
17.night flight
20.kick out
24.Harsh Wind
25.Rage on
Disc 2
1.OLDCODEX Zepp Tour 2014 -Attract the Attack- Behind the scenes
2.OLDCODEX Tour 2014 "A Silent, within The Roar" Behind the scenes
3.OLDCODEX "Capture" 2015 in Budokan Behind the scenes

YORKE. is in charge of the cover art for the DVD (more details regarding it will be released in the next few weeks). The promotional video is already available on Lantis‘ official youtube channel.

OLDCODEX “Capture” 2015 in Budokan is already available for pre-order in CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Lantis.jp


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