Returning with their first work this year, SPYAIR present us with Rockin’ out, their newest mini-single. This is the band’s 16th single following GLORY which was released last year and is also featured in this single. Despite this single being a small one it still is worth listening to especially if we remember the problems the bands went through last year. Without any further ado let’s get this review started.
This single is available on two editions: regular and limited.
Label: Sony Music Japan
Release date: 25/03/15
Genre: J-rock


GLORY (Live at Zepp DiverCity 2014.12.30)

Track by track analysis:


Kicking off this single we have ROCKIN’ OUT with a powerful intro especially focused on the bass as well as the guitars, giving us a completely different vibe from the usual SPYAIR. This song is slightly more rock oriented than other tracks by the band but it definitely shows us a different side of the band which is a more than pleasant surprise for the fans. The bass is in “solo mode” throughout the whole song, the guitar and the drums follow its lead. The explosive chorus is as catchy as the rest of the song with its amazing instrumental. Ike’s vocal work is good as ever, but really the big focus on this track, instrumental wise, is the bass especially when we reach the solo, that’s when we really get to listen to it. The guitar despite not being the center of the attention it’s also really good, but of course it isn’t as perceptible as usual because of the rest of the instruments.  5/5


Starting of this track we have Ike‘s vocal work and a powerful piano but that is only the beginning of it because soon we have that  usual SPYAIR instrumental with the guitars and drums that really shine throughout the whole song. In GLORY the bass is the instrument we really cannot forget about because it is in “solo mode” until the end of the instrumental. The best part of this whole track is really the chorus where we can really understand that is very powerful and with a lot of emotion in it. As usual we have a guitar solo that it isn’t particularly fast but it is very good and the same thing can be said about this track as a whole. 5/5

Final rating: 5 stars

This mini-single was pretty good even if it was a little shame that it actually only had one new track. ROCKIN’ OUT was a real surprise, actually the genre of the song is not what we’re used to listen from SPYAIR but it was a good experiment with more rock elements and it definitely was a proof of the band’s growth. Regarding  the track GLORY, it is a good song but it has a far more deeper meaning to the fans because it’s a track were the band thanks the fans. Overall this single was really good and I think it is fair to say and expect new and more amazing tracks from the band in the near future.

ROCKIN’ OUT is available on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.
Rockin' Out / SPYAIR
Rockin' Out / SPYAIR

Author: Nadine Silva

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