Miyu Irino “Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” – Details unveiled


Miyu Irino’s newest mini-album  “Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” is only going to be released in late May but all the details concerning it are finally available on Kiramune’s official website.

Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” is scheduled to be released on 24/05/2015, available in two different editions: regular and limited. The regular edition is CD only while on the other side the limited edition is CD + DVD (comes with the promotional video and its making of).

The cover art for both editions was released alongside the tracklist for the mini-album and is the following:


Regular edition


Limited edition

The tracklist was unveiled earlier this week and is the following:

2. 不埒なセッション
3. Happy Day 
4. アジサイの花束 
5. 月と僕の距離 
6. 見果てぬ世界、繋がる想い

The bonuses for the pre-orders on CDJAPAN are already known:

First Press Detail a message card w/ autograph (copy) (subject to change)
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive KG-size photo

Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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