Elekiter Round 0 are back with new mini-album


Almost one year after their double release, Elekiter Round 0 are back with more music. The seiyuu unit consisting of newlywed Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana are back with a new mini-album, the seventh in their repertoire.

Not much details have been revealed since this is a CDJAPAN exclusive news – their record label Marine Entertainment still hasn’t said a thing about the release but one thing is true for sure – the new mini-album is already listed for pre-order on some major online stores.

2014 was indeed a busy year for this duo: they made a double release in the first quarter of the year and in the summer had two full house shows to present their newest creations to their fans. The live DVD titled Heaven Of Noise 2014 -Zetsu- and containing their performances held at EX Theater Roppongi in July 2014, is scheduled to be released later this month.

Heaven Of Noise 2014 -Zetsu- / ELEKITER ROUND 0

By the end of the year multi-talented Satoshi Hino got married to his long time girlfriend, all of this while working on new songs.

The new mini-album is still untitled but is scheduled to be released on 08/04/2015, available in two editions: regular and limited CD+DVD.

Two new songs are already known, the track 「千年恋歌」 (A thousand years love song), written by Tachibana and 「Conflict」, written by Hino will be featured in both this mini-album and in new otome game Re:BIRTHDAY~恋を唄う死神~ as respectively the opening and ending songs.

The limited edition comes with a DVD containing the live digest of 『ELEKITER ROUND 0』2nd One man liveHEAVEN OF NOISE~頂~」held in Club Quattro in Osaka on 27/07/2014.

More details will be unveiled in the following months, be on the lookout for more updates.

The new mini-album is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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