Seiyuu Digest #3 – Mamoru Miyano

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This month the spotlight goes to multi-talented seiyuu, actor as well as singer and definitely one of the best of the moment, Mamoru Miyano .


Having done so much in almost every department of the entertainment industry, Mamoru Miyano started from voicing small characters in games to have a huge list of characters he has played and most of them are very famous, not forgetting his career as a singer that also started as a small project that now has turned out as something this big. With his “sound” and vocal work that gets even better in a live concert and improving everyday, we just cannot overlook his talent in almost every department. Now let’s talk about Mamoru in more detail.


KANJI 宮野真守
BORN June 8, 1983
OCCUPATION seiyuu (voice actor), actor, singer
HEIGHT 182 cm

mamoru miyano

Starting in the seiyuu business only at the age of 9 years old, being in the same talent management agency as Kimura Ryohei and Miyo Irino and remaining in it until now, Mamo-chan was a child actor making its first appearance in 1990 having a role as Kiba in the game called Kingdom Hearts. This first role served as a launching ramp for his luck to strike and in 2006 Mamoru was voicing Yagami Light from famous manga Death Note that later on made him become famous enough to get him the award of Seiyuu of the Year and Best Leading Seiyuu. Since then he has had numerous roles that are known such as Death The Kid in the anime Soul Eater, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran Highschool Host Club, Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate or Matsuoka Rin from FREE!.

 Well let’s be honest here, if we search for his roles we get overwhelmed because the list just doesn’t end as well as by the different categories of anime that he was part of, from psychological to romance, we have a little of everything showing that Mamoru is an all-rounder in this department but don’t think that his talent stops here because if you do you’re mistaken.

Tetsu Ishida- Prince of tennis musical (mamoru miyano)Not only does he perform exceptionally well when it comes to the seiyuu world but he also participates in stage plays like in 2003 he played the character Tetsu Ishida in “The Prince of Tennis Musical” alongside with fellow seiyuu Yuki Fujiwara, he even had a part in the Beautiful World- movie that was realized by Daisuke Namikawa (also a seiyuu). Even so he also did stand-up comedy paring up with fellow seiyuu Takagi Shun -their group was called Smily Spiky- so this all added up can explain a little more, to the more clueless or recent fans, as to why he has a such “at ease” composure when in public events or interviews, and also a funny fact about Mamoru, he’s known for being one of the seiyuu that has more friends in the industry.

 So we already went through  his career as a voice and stage actor and we finally make a stop in his solo career as a musician.

 Mamoru  had his debut as a singer in 2007 with Kuon which had a track that was used as ending theme in the anime Kotetsu Sangokushi, in which he experimented the R&B genre, being in 47th place on Oricon charts, but he didn’t stop there, in the same year he released a character song from famous anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with Paku Romi (also a fellow seiyuu) titled Fight!, but it wasn’t that well received by the fans and in fact it was rated as number 73 on Oricon charts.VPCG-82219 After this two releases, Mamoru released his next singles in 2008 titled Kimi he… and Discovery that had a little bit higher classification on the charts also and once again with a R&B genre, that if I do say so myself suits his music very much. In 2007 with his singles Dream Fighter and Orpheus Mamo-chan bended over the pop/pop- rock genre which was a very pleasant surprise that granted him the 10th and 15th places on the charts making a huge impact given the thought that he was always in the top 20 until that moment. In 2012 he started to experiment with a more danceable genre, especially in his single Ultra Fly but also in 2014 with New Order, both singles had songs arranged by STY and Jin Nakamura; Canon was a different story because its songs were composed and arranged by Elements Garden known by their fast piano and more melodic songs, in this case still showing a little of rock elements, but also by the fans of Uta no Prince-sama, anime in which Mamo-chan starred. 30b531a92b9dd827b436601d03adde45

Since his debut until now, Mamo-chan has released a total of 12 singles being its last one titled BREAK IT!, and a total of 4 albums being its last one Passage achieving 2nd on the charts. It was precisely after he released his 1st album that he also had his first tour confirmed. Currently he has started to write more the lyrics of his tracks and still is working with STY and Jin Nakamura that helped him create his addictive sound that everyone who listens to it will get hooked on. His voice is so angel-like that it’s a bliss to listen to his tracks and when he starts using his vibrato it’s like you’re on cloud-nine, also he’s capable of singing with falsettos making one stunned with his singing ability. Of course if we talk about his solo career we cannot forget his repertoire of being in famous units like ST☆RISH that was created because of famous anime Uta no Prince-sama as mentioned before but now it has turned into something so big or another example is Style Five that is also composed by the members of the anime FREE!.

StarishNow it’s the time to get a little of information about this seiyuu unit.

To start off we cannot forget to mention the reason why it was created and truth be told its was only because of the anime Uta no Prince-sama in which ST☆RISH members are the seiyuu of the main characters of the anime.

STYLE FIVEThe other seiyuu unit that Mamoru is a part of is Style Five, that once again was only created with the purpose of promoting the anime FREE! in which the members are also voicing the main characters. Not to forget to mention that this seiyuu units usually have famous seiyuu , but in this case and also with the previous one I refered to, they’re all known which in someway gives more impact to this units.

Mamoru has shown the fans that he can be very versatile and be good in every department, with his music hitting in genres like R&B, pop, pop/rock and even a more danceable genre that we can find in his most recent releases. With all the things I’ve said about him I think it’s very easy to say that he is a diamond in the rough that has been polishing himself to improve and create the best work for the fans every single day.

Mamoru Miyano

MEMBERS Mamoru Miyano
FOUNDED IN 日本の旗 Tokyo, Japan
LABEL King Records
DEBUT 2007
GENRE R&B, Pop, Pop-Rock, Dance
1st 11/03/2009 Break #20
2nd 04/08/2010 Wonder #20
3rd 18/04/2012 Fantasista #4
4th 18/09/2013 Passage #2
23/05/2007 Kuon #47
1st 04/06/2008 Discovery #24
2nd 03/12/2008 …君へ #18
3rd 29/07/2009 J☆S #22
4th 21/10/2009 REFRAIN #24
5th 08/12/2010 Hikari Hikaru #20
6th 13/07/2011 Orpheus #10
7th 16/11/2011 Dream Fighter #15
8th 14/11/2012 Ultra Fly #13
9th 10/04/2013 Canon #3
10th 09/02/2014 New Order #12
11th 12/11/2014 Break it! (*)

* not known yet

So here’s this month’s Seiyuu Digest, hope you enjoyed it and look forward to next month’s.


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