the GazettE to release DVD in December


Presenting us with big news the GazettE return once again this year, after releasing a live DVD in May of this year we now have yet another DVD but this time it’s not just a live DVD but it also has a compilation of the band’s music clips, almost like this is an early Christmas present to the fans.

The compilation of music clips DVD is titled 『FILM BUGIII』and it is scheduled to be released on 24/12/2014, regarding the live DVD it is titled 『STANDING LIVE TOUR14 HERESY LIMITED — 再 定 義 —』and it is scheduled to be released on 11/03/2015

Now going to the content of each product:


  • videos released by the band after 2010, like SHIVER, RED PLEDGE and VORTEX and will also have a new song video “TO DAZZLING DARKNESS from their previous album

Here’s a little snippet.

Regarding 『STANDING LIVE TOUR14 HERESY LIMITED — 再 定 義 —』there isn’t any additional information besides the fact the it’ll have a regular and limited edition, alonside with this teaser already available on their youtube channel.

『FILM BUGIII』is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Film Bug / the GazettE
the GazettE
『STANDING LIVE TOUR14 HERESY LIMITED — 再 定 義 —』is only available for pre-order for their fan club members

Author: Nadine Silva

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