Dir en Grey announce new album


Hard rockers Dir en Grey are back with a new album after 3 years without an album release. The band has released so far several singles in these past few years: LOTUS, DIFFERENT SENSE輪郭 and SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH.

Titled “Arche“, this is Dir en Grey‘s 9th album and the follow up to 2011’s masterpiece “DUM SPIRO SPERO” . “Arche” is available in four different editions full of bonuses for the fans. Two versions come with high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 and whole lot of bonuses.

Arche” is scheduled to be released on 10/12/2014.

Let’s breakdown the versions an its bonuses:

  • Regular edition: CD only
  • Limited edition (w/CD): CD + bonus CD
  • Limited edition (w/ DVD): Blu-spec CD2,  bonus CD, and bonus DVD. Comes in a special packaging.
  • Limited edition (w/Blu-ray): Blu-spec CD2,  bonus CD, and bonus Blu-ray. Comes in a special packaging.

So far the tracklist and cover art are unknown.

Arche” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.




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