UVERworld “7日目の決意” (Review)

ナノ・セカンド uverworld

UVERworld‘s newest single release is finally out. 7日目の決意” (Nanokame no Ketsui). This is the warm up for UVERworld‘s new album, to be released in July. The band led by frontman TAKUYA∞ comes with a slow paced single, not the typical release for this band but still an interesting one. Now off with the details for this single:

Regular editionSingle: 7日目の決意
Release date: 18/06/2014 
Label: Sony Music 
Genre: J-Rock


7日目の決意 (instrumental)
7日目の決意 (2013年11月9日 ボイスメモ)

Track by track analysis:

1- 7日目の決意

Starting off with a TAKUYA∞ alongside acoustic guitars,  7日目の決意 is a heartfelt, laidback track, with little to no big, highly elaborated instrumentals. The usual synths and sax don’t make an appearance in this track but it doesn’t mean that its quality has dropped. This is the kind of melodic, technical track that has been missing in UVERworld‘s repertoire. The vocals are piercing but at the same time sweet, full of emotion, the perfect fit for this mild instrumental piece, more focused in the melodic parts, a track that doesn’t need to be highly aggressive, fast or danceable to be this great. The outro brings out some elements that may be missing in this track: it’s the place where the electric guitars make their appearance with a beautifully melodic solo. 5/5

2- 別世界

Going back to their eclectic sound, 別世界 is a track that goes towards UVERworld‘s usual sound. The synths and sax make their comeback, more electronica elements are blended together to make this instrumental track, one of those tracks that won’t tire you out because there’s so many elements for you to point out and, with each listen, more and more of those elements are isolated in your mind. Incredibly rich instrumental track closing this single and opening the door for next month’s release. 4/5

Final rating: 4.5/5

7日目の決意 is an interesting track, not a typical UVERworld track per say, but still it’s interesting to listen to this side to the band. Of course that the more exciting, full throttle, mix between rock, jazz and electronica is what fits best to the band but these kinds of slow paced, laidback, almost unplugged tracks, are also a delight for the fans. UVERworld are known for how eclectic they are and how many genres the manage to blend in their tracks, in the end, this track doesn’t fall short in the band’s catalogue. It’s fresh and captivating and a good appetizer for next month’s release.

7日目の決意 is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

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