Takuma Terashima announces new album


This will be an interesting Fall season with some pretty good releases from Lantis’ artists. After GRANRODEO’s announcement of a new album due in the Fall, now it’s time for seiyuu Takuma Terashima to announce the release of his second album, the follow up for NEW GAME, released in 2012. Alongside this announcement came the news that Terashima will have a mini tour this fall/winter to promote the new album.

Regarding the album the only concrete thing we can reveal is the scheduled date of release that is set for 29/10/2014. The album is already listed on CDJAPAN and we can easily ascertain that it will come only in regular edition with a DVD.

Information regarding the album title, tracklist, bonuses and cover art are yet to be revealed.

Terashima’s new album is already available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: http://www.lantis.jp/artist-news.php?id=84f4719d54afe3d36e6f65fd757ea481&nid=1402066800


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