Daisuke Namikawa “Recollection” – New details confirmed


Approaching the release date for Daisuke Namikawa’s new single, we’re presented with several new details regarding it. Although we’ve known the name of this single for a long time, Kiramune had stated that the title could be changed and wasn’t really definitive. Without any changes the title has been officially confirmed as “Recollection” and is scheduled to be released on 25/06/2014.

The regular edition is the CD only version but also eligible to come with the first press bonus if purchased on CDJAPAN. The limited edition comes with a DVD with the promotional video and making of. The tracklist and cover art were revealed today on Namikawa’s artist page on Kiramune’s website (see source for more).

The cover art is the following:


Regular edition


Limited Edition

The tracklist is the following for both editions:

1. Recollection
2. デリンジャー
3. スマイルエクササイズ

Deluxe Edition contents:


1. Recollection (MUSIC CLIP)

Regular Edition: CD only


Bonuses: CDJAPAN has listed a first press bonus for the pre-orders on a first come, first served basis. An external bonus was added this week to all pre-orders on CDJAPAN:

First Press Bonus autographed message card (printed)
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive KG-size portrait

Recollection is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


SOURCE: http://kiramune.jp/artist/namikawa/disco.html


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