MARGINAL#4 announce 4th single


MARGINAL#4 are at full force with their releases. The seiyuu idol unit created by Rejet and consisting of Naozumi Takahashi, Toshiki Masuda, KENN and Yuto Suzuki, are back with a new single as announced earlier on Rejet’s webpage. Last month the unit released their first Best of titled MARGINAL#4 THE BEST「STAR CLUSTER」. Now the official MARGINAL#4 is fully updated with the information regarding this single as stated by MARGINAL#4 member, Yuto Suzuki on his twitter account.

The unit gets once again a new look along with this new single. The single is titled “CHU CHU LUVSCANDAL” and is scheduled to be released on 16/07/2014. It’s already available on MARGINAL#4‘s website a preview of the title track.


2 - DREAM★JUICER (KENN & Toshiki Masuda)
3 - HURRICANE X (Naozumi Toshiki & Yuto Suzuki)
4 - 愛パラドックス

There’s three versions of the cover art:


Marginal #4 Cover


Atom and L Cover ver.


Rui and R Cover ver.

The single is yet unavailable for purchase but as soon as it’s available we’ll update with the links.



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