SID “Anniversary” (review)

シドThe long-awaited single release to celebrate SID’s 10th anniversary is out. Fronted by Mao this band is famous for their jazz-rock genre and visual-kei influences. With Shinji’s guitar solos, Yuya’s drums, Mao’s vocals and the funky bass played by Aki the band formed in 2003 excels on the visual-kei scene in Japan. Now, on their 10th anniversary, the band has released “Anniversary” single that is featured as the opening theme on the second season of the fantasy/adventure anime “Magi”.

Info regarding the single:


Single: "Anniversary"
Genre: J-Rock
Label: Danger Crue Records
Release date: 06/11/13

Tracklist (regular edition):

3. V.I.P (Live from 『SID 10th Anniversary LIVE』)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Anniversary

“Anniversary” is your typical SID upbeat song. Strong, mesmerizing bassline, good guitar riffs and addictive drums with the perfect finish done by Mao’s vocals. This formula has proved to work time after time without sounding annoying or anything in between and that is the formula that still attracts a lot of fans around the world. The guitar solos are always a delight to listen to along with the overall instrumental piece that has so much energy. A good song to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary. 4/5

2 – 砂の城

Heavy guitar riffs and strong drums open this up-tempo song. With a completely different style comparing with the previous song “砂の城” has a completely fresh and heavy finish added to  it. The bassline is, as usual, one of SID’s strongest points with Aki showing that he manages any type of bassline. The guitar riffs are strong and opulent especially raging in the solo. The drums are not as fast as the rest of the instrumental dictating a pace completely different from the one followed by the speedy bass. Mao’s vocals are top notch. The strongest song on the single by far. 5/5

3 – V.I.P (Live from 『SID 10th Anniversary LIVE』)

The already known “V.I.P” former opening theme for fantasy/adventure anime “Magi”. The arabic touch, influenced by the anime setting, on the instrumental piece fits so well be it on a studio or live setting. The band just like most bands in Japan, excels on their live shows. The band sounds always great and fresh, sometimes even better than what they sounded like in the recordings. There’s not much to talk about this track since it already has a year on its “belt” and is already a well known piece on SID’s live shows. 5/5

Final rating: 4.5/5

This is another strong single from a band that slowly but steadily has gathered an amazing overall collection of songs on their repertoire. “Anniversary” is a thank you to the fans for these 10 years in the music business and the constant support they have given the band throughout these past years.  That support gave the opportunity to the band of playing overseas archiving pretty packed shows throughout the countries they passed by. We don’t get to hear the incredibly good and typical “jazzy” songs by the band on this single but in exchange we get something reminiscing of the first singles the band released: the fast and hard rock in 砂の城 shows that the band hasn’t forget what they’ve done so far besides the obvious evolution on SID’s sound, which is a good thing since like people, bands grow and some things don’t work anymore.

It’s safe to say that the band sounds incredibly on the mark with this single once again using each member’s strongest points to deliver the best songs and we thank SID for always delivering the best singles. Of course there have been some regrettable singles along the way but the band always stood on their feet and worked even harder to deliver better music pieces to us. With that being said:

Happy 10th anniversary to SID! 

The single is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans in its 4 different editions.

Author: midorin

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