Nana Mizuki×T.M.Revolution – 革命デュアリズム (Review)

水樹奈々 × T.M.Revolution

Long awaited second collab between J-Pop royalty T.M.Revolution and multi-talented seiyuu Nana Mizuki. The duo have already made a collab earlier this year with the single “Preserved Roses” featured as the opening theme for sci-fi anime “Valvrave the Liberator” and are back with another single for the second season of the same anime.

Here at The Hand That Feeds HQ’s we’ve received an early copy of the single and we couldn’t be more impressed with it.

Now off for some info regarding the single.

Single: 革命デュアリズム 
Label: King Records
Genre: J-Pop
Date of release: 23/10/13


1. 革命デュアリズム

Track analysis:

1 – 革命デュアリズム

Taking a more “Nana Mizuki” kind of approach to this song, the duo worked with arrangement masters ELEMENTS GARDEN, known for their more electronic pop instrumentals which are incredibly catchy by itselves and maybe because of that, this song doesn’t fail to impress in comparison with “Preserved Roses”. To sum up in one expression this song is literally: a battle between two amazing and avid vibrato users. And that couldn’t come out better than it is.

People might think that, sometimes when artists insist too much in one successful collab they’ve made the next time they’ll fail completely to make something relevant or even as interesting as the first time they worked with artist X or Y. Nana Mizuki and T.M.Revolution stay relevant with this collab and showed us that they work incredibly well as a unit. As for the success: we still don’t know how the single will chart on Oricon but it will quite possibly hit #1 or at least top 3. This song is powerful and doesn’t lack emotion. The guitars, bassline and the strings are a complete trademark behind ELEMENTS GARDEN work and give this song that extra power that the first collab between the duo lacked. The drums set the speedy pass along the strings in the explosive chorus. The mix between rock elements and the electronic pop is flawless once again and that is one of the things that attract while listening to this song for the first time. To put it short: “Kakumei Dualism” is an incredibly strong pop-rock single that doesn’t lack class. 5/5

Final rating: 5/5

The single is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Kakumei Dualism / Nana Mizuki X T.M.Revolution
Nana Mizuki X T.M.Revolution
Kakumei Dualism / Nana Mizuki X T.M.Revolution
Nana Mizuki X T.M.Revolution

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

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