the GazettE – Fadeless (single review)

the gazette - fadeless

Now here is one of those releases that we were expecting for a long time. Japanese visual-kei rockers the GazettE released this month the single “Fadeless”. Driving a bit away from their sound from the “DIVISION”, which, as some of you may know, was way too much electronic to be a regular GazettE album and created a bit of a stir between some loyal fans that didn’t like the change at all. So once again the GazettE go back a bit to their roots with songs reminding us of some work on “TOXIC” but still nothing like “DIM”, which we consider to be the bands’ best work to date but nevertheless this is, overall, a good single.

Warning: this review might have some content not appropriate for minors

Now to the breakdown of the single.

1 – Fadeless

This song quickly will remind you of “Filth in beauty” maybe because of the female chorus. Ranging guitars, strong vocals, what I think it’s the best in this song is the instrumental, the drums are incredible as usual and Reita’s bass amazes me time after time. Great solo by the end of the song and a strong outro. This song almost fails to impress because of the slightly annoying female chorus but nevertheless is an interesting song. The song ends by the bass of the amazing Reita which is a treat to the listeners. 4/5


Now here it is the best song of the single. The piano is simply chilling, almost giving that Nordic rock feel, something almost like Finnish band “HIM” with “Join me in death” kind of piano instrumental. Beautifully executed and Ruki’s vocal work is top notch on this one, I always like to listen to Ruki singing the slowest/more emotional kind of ballads from the band because I just feel like his voice is so made for it since he can draw so much feeling from it. The instrumental is extremely good, the bass and the drums guide us throughout the song leading to the buildup for the chorus lead by the guitar riffs of Aoi and Uruha. The chorus is good but not made to be catchy. The solo that follows the chorus is pure genius, such a solo with a lot of feel on it is worthy of a mention on this review. Ruki is singing particularly well on this one, hitting the high notes like no other switching between his low and high tone like it is no problem at all. Depressing song? Might be but it’s beautiful on its very essence. Easily 5/5


The electronic-like intro, giving a feel of their last album “DIVISION”, leads us to a song that screams “she has a sex addiction”. The electric guitars and the drums are crazy on this one. Catchy song, especially the chorus. A gazettE song through and through and that is what shines about this song. The one who will be addicted to the song will be the listeners without a doubt. 4.5/5

Final rating: 4.5/5 – A great comeback from this band and without a doubt one of the best singles released by the band so far.

The single is available on cdjapan both regular and deluxe versions:
FADELESS / the GazettE
the GazettE

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

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