Happy Birthday Amir Derakh!


Julien-K 07.09.2010 Session

Today one of our favorite guitarists turns 48. Amir Davidson most known by Amir Derakh is the lead guitarist in Julien-K and Dead by Sunrise. He’s also known for his inovative work with Orgy, for those who don’t know who they were I can tell you they were awesome, probably the best synth-rock band around in the 90’s early 00’s. He’s also a great DJ, most people will know him from Circuit Freq – a project he and FU (a.k.a Anthony Valcic) manage outside Julien-K.

The Hand that Feeds crew would like to wish an amazing b-day to “The Dark Prince” and thank him for all this years showing that a true rocker can last several decades still being ahead of the “competition”. A true inspiration as most people would say and a great person as we’ve heard about, plus a very talented musician.

Here’s some videos with our birthday boy:



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